All about those dirty filters

Filters play an essential role in keeping your heating and cooling system running properly and keeping you comfortable. It’s so important that we thought we would write a blog about that one simple fix that could save you a call to your local HVAC company. So here we go.

Your central Air Conditioning system works hard by moving the heat from within your home to outside. You will find the air handler component of the system inside your home. Its job is to draw indoor air across the evaporator coil by extracting heat and moisture, therefore, cooling off indoor air leaving your home at a comfortable temperature. At the same time that this occurs, cool air is re-circulated back into your home. You can find the air filter inside your air conditioning system’s unit in a cabinet with latches. The filter traps airborne pollutants from the air as they enter the system to keep the system cleaner while improving air quality for you and your loved ones.

Replacing your system’s filter can help increase energy efficiency, comfort, and system reliability. Keeping your system running with a clogged filter can impact energy efficiency. It will restrict airflow through the system and require the system to work harder by increasing energy bills. A clogged filter makes the fan motors and other components work much harder, decreasing the system’s life span. We often receive calls for air conditioning systems not cooling or working correctly, and in many instances, the culprit is a dirty filter. By now, you are probably wondering how often you should change your home heating and cooling system’s filter. Requirements will vary based on the type of filter, whether there are any pets, and more. The frequency will depend on your home, but a general rule of thumb is to check your filter for 30 to 60 days. We offer high-quality filter purchases at a fraction of the cost, and our precision maintenance customers receive an additional 10% off.

– Your Carrier Experts at IMH

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