What to expect this coming season

You may or may not be wondering if this spring/summer’s equipment shortages will roll over into the fall. The truth is that right now, we don’t know. The equipment and parts shortages were in part caused by shutting down last year. Many companies are trying to scramble and catch up; unfortunately, manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up with demand. Some customers have had to wait 90 days for equipment, while others have just been plain lucky. We have also seen several price increases in parts and expect two more to be implemented on August 15th and August 20th. These increases range between 4% and 27%, making them the 5th price increase we have seen this year. What you can do to be sure that your system is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible is to ensure that your system is running optimally:

 1.) Changing your filters regularly (we recommend monthly during extreme months).

2.) Be sure that you have routine maintenance performed two times per year).

While we are confident that our team will find a solution for you when you need our help, we wanted to FYI everyone in the community to think ahead if you think you may need a new furnace this fall/winter season. If you would like to lock in your prices before the prince increase in August we are here to help.

Stay cool! Stay safe!

– The Intermountain Heating & Air Conditioning team 

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